It's been a rough year here at Island West as  we lost both  the sire and the dam of our foundation.

The sire Sugarfoot's Shot in the Dark passed in his sleep on December 25,2003
at the ripe old age of  10 1/2
A beautiful  friend and companion was lost.
Our Hearts go out to his Mommy  Shannon Low of Resolute Mastiffs

Also this year we lost our very own Kara Bear

Auroja Slow Bear Kara Kara and pup

Kara's eulogy as posted to mastiff breeder list

Today  Can,Int,CH, Auroja Slow Bear Kara , TT, CGC,  Has passed on at the
 age of 9,. She has had bone cancer for the past 5 months . It was difficult
 to make the decision on when to let go . The whole house is in mourning today.
I bought Kara a St Francis Medal to wear around her neck .
 Kara was one of the kindest , most gentle, sweetest  creatures to walk the
 earth . She could be trusted to nurture any animal or person , She loved
 every one she ever met and also had a sense of humour . If I was sad she
 would do a silly little doggy  dance to cheer me up.  She would pace back
 and forth with her front feet , tilt her head , "smile" and make a woo woo
 woo sound . It was so funny to see a 170 lb dog acting this way you would
 have to laugh . I have  been thinking for weeks
 {knowing this day was coming soon}
that heaven is surley going to make her an angel
   She took it upon herself to care for every one , even cats and other
 animals . I remember when our pony foaled .Kara lay quietly all day beside
 the fence ,  totally in love with the new baby colt .I remember the colt
 walking over to sniff Kara,  and Kara gently licked the baby colts muzzle.
  Kara even spent a week at the local seniors lodge .
 The nursing home allowed pets and one of the residences in the home lost her
 dog and was so upset and did not want to spend the night in her room alone.
 We got permission to have Kara stay for one night.. Because of Kara's 170lbs
 there was concern  that it would not be good to have her stay longer . It
 took us a week to get Kara back, she was so gentle and kind that  no one
 wanted her to leave and my husband was concerned that we might not get her
 back  .One of the old Ladies said she was great because Kara walked slower
 then she did and Kara never pulled on the leash.  She was such a hit, they
 could not believe how well behaved and  gentle a large dog could be . Kara
 so much enjoyed all the attention she got while at the nursing home.The Lady
 Kara stayed with said Kara was the biggest hit and she ate like a queen ,
 every one coming to see Kara and bringing  her a special something.
 The happy ending to that story is that old lady got another dog because Kara
made her realize that she could love another dog and Kara helped her get
 past her grief . The dog that she got was a dog from the pound who had a
 permanent shoulder injury and was going to be put to sleep.

 I do not know what more to say , I cannot describe more how perfect Kara
 was ,  We always took for granted that Kara would never misbehave,  it
 seemed she was born house trained and leash trained , even as a puppy she
 never chewed up anything she is the reason we fell in love with the breed
 Kara is survived by 3 generations of great Mastiffs . Tears are streaming
 down my cheeks as I write her eulogy to all of you.  I have decided that
 heaven has a set wings waiting for Kara  so she can look after all that
 follow her to  heaven .


God Bless
 Island West Mastiffs
  Sharon, Lloyd, Melissa.
 Kara's son
Her grand daughters
 Morgan + Bella
 her great grand daughter little baby


Kara and family

The angels looked upon you, and they loved you so, I believe that is why you had to go.
In the arms of an angel, now you lay. and they'll care for you, both night and day.
And you'll have a new home, in those heavenly lands, and the angels will caress you with their gentle hands
When I look up, to the far away sky. When I'm thinking of you, trying not to cry.
When I reach for you, and you're not there, or when I miss the feel of your velvet hair.
When I dream at night, that I hear your bark, but awake alone In the cold and dark.
When I choke up, and my feelings, I'm trying to hide. When I miss you so much, that I hurt inside.
Then I remember, that the angels took you from me. And held lovingly in their arms, is where you'll be. 
I'll remember you're happy and feeling no pain, and you're awaiting the moment you'll see me again.
I'll try to be happy, stop feeling so blue. For I know your safe,
and the angels love you.
In Loving memory of a most cherished friend  
     By Sharon Medforth

 kara and mel
Kara and our Daughter

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