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    I West Morgan
    Welcome to Morgan’s page!

       Morgan is a beautiful black brindle, female mastiff.

She is a large 30 inches at shoulders and presently 165 lbs, She should mature 180 lbs.
She enjoys pulling her cart or wagon and has a few points already towards her show championship.
Morgan has great movement outstanding confirmation and a very expressive head.
Her hips, elbows and heart are good and we will also be doing PRA testing on her soon.
   We are not certain at this time whether we will finish her show Championship because Morgan is very sulky at shows and dose not enjoy it. We have had Morgan in Agility and surprisingly, she very much loves to do agility. She loves to run up the ‘A’ frame and loves the tunnel, which she has to crawl, through.
Some times she stays in the tunnel, just so she can see Mommy crawl in after her, at which time she gleefully bolts out the other end. I think she thinks this is funny to see mommy on her hand and knees crawling in the tunnel.
I am sure all the spectators think its funny. Personally, I think I’m getting a little to old to be crawling into tunnels.
Morgan is my husband's Girl; she is dearly devoted to him and watches him constantly with her adoring, expressive, eyes.
 We are planning two breedings with Morgan, Summer 2003 and 2004. These breedings will produce both fawn and black brindle pups .
  Both breedings will be to our CH. West Coast Skipper, TT, CGC, DD, DDX, please check out Skippy’s page. Skippy is a multiple title winner. A very sound dog, hips, elbows, heart and PRA tested.

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