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Our Guarantee

      At Island West Mastiffs you can expect healthy,well socialized puppy's and we guarantee this.
We breed only 100% sound dogs of excellent temperment. All of our Breeding stock is OFA'D good or better (OFA is the Orthapedic Foundation for Animals screening test for hip dysplacia).As well all dogs are CERF tested ( CERF is a screening test used to detect genetic eye disorders which could lead to blindness)

Skippy       All of our breeding stock has to pass either an American Kennel Club Temperment Test  (TT),or a Canine Good Citizen Test (CGC).Both of these tests measure and evaluate a dogs reaction to different stimuli,from a friend greting you on the street, to a threatining stranger.

     We feel that a 200 lb dog should also have a sound temperment.This is as much out of concern for the dog as for those around him.

      We do not breed dogs that are aggressive, as this is not a trait that is desirable in a mastiff.

      We would like to think that all our dogs are safe around children and all people 

Kara with our Daughter     When you purchase a puppy from us,it comes up to date on all
You will also receive a written health guarantee.
We will guarantee your pup to be free of any life threatining genetic health problems.
We guarantee against Hip Dysplacia and Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA). 
We will guarantee that your puppy is in good health when he comes home. 
Kara with small boy

We take great pride in our dogs and our breeding program,
So that you can be proud of your new family member.

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